When do you need an immigration attorney?


You are not required to have a lawyer when applying for an immigrant visa or green card (also known as 绿卡) in the United States or overseas. If you have a straightforward case, are clearly eligible for the benefit you seek, and have no record of crimes. You can potentially proceed all the way to a visa or green card without a lawyer.

However, there are numerous types of situation when you’ll need a lawyer’s help—or will save yourself a lot of time and frustration by getting it. Immigration law is notoriously, insanely complicated, So, let’s look at some of the most likely situations.

If You Can’t Figure Out Your Options

Let’s say that you are a skilled worker, or an employer hoping to hire one. A worker could potentially qualify for multiple visas or types of green cards, a common example would be you qualify for  L-1(also known as l1 签证)and EB1 at the same time. But it’s difficult to know which is best, or fastest.  An immigration attorney (also known as 移民律师)can help the employer and worker decide which visa best suits the employer’s needs and the worker’s qualifications.

If You Are an Employer Looking to Hire Foreign-Born Workers

As a busy business owner, your time is likely not well spent puzzling out the details of immigration law. Let’s say, for example, that you’re hoping to sponsor a worker for a green card, which requires completing the labor certification (PERM) process. the PERM application is complex. Employers find it difficult to understand how to complete the required Form 9089. There’s no room for even the smallest mistake when completing Form 9089. Almost any error will result in a denial; even it’s a one-cent difference in the worker’s salary.

If You Are Overwhelmed by the Paperwork

Even the simplest of U.S. immigration applications involves filling out some forms, and you will most likely be asked to follow some detailed instructions about gathering and including other paperwork and fees. Make a mistake, and you may find your application returned, delayed, or even rejected.

Immigration lawyers have dealt with this paperwork countless times before you, and have both the knowledge and the streamlined systems to prepare the applications smoothly. They have computer programs in which they can enter your information and spit out the forms in an instant. Hiring a lawyer can be well worth it for the peace of mind alone.