Want A Special Vegas Wedding? Don’t Miss These Three Components!


Las Vegas has always been the traditional go-to location for a destination wedding. Regardless of whether you are a resident or are coming from another state, getting married here is an easy experience. What makes Las Vegas special is the range of arrangements and settings it offers, and not to forget, acquiring your marriage license here doesn’t have to be complicated or about big budgets. A simple themed wedding in budget can cost $500 or even less. In this post, we bring in three components that will make your wedding special!

  1. The location

If you are in Vegas, you will have no dearth of locations, and no, we are not talking of the mundane or regular options. For couples, who want a more natural setting for the special day, there are some amazing natural parks like Sunset Park and Tulle Springs Park. In case you want to keep the amazing desert in the background, arrangements can be made for a quiet wedding at Red Rock Canyon Park. In fact, Red Rock Canyon Park remains a top choice for elopement weddings.

  1. The wedding photo shoot

What’s a wedding in Vegas without a photoshoot amidst the glitzy scenes and locations. From the Neon Museum to the lights of Planet Hollywood, the options can be really diverse. This blog post explains how you can make the most of wedding photography tours right here in Vegas, and the good thing is you don’t have to arrange or plan anything. Just contact one of the wedding planners, and they will get things rolling. Besides the shoot at the venue, you can follow the wedding with a special photo session at one or more of the iconic locations of Vegas.

  1. The theme

Las Vegas is insanely popular for its themed weddings, and you can plan all sorts of themes. Themed weddings here don’t cost as much as in other states, which is a huge advantage. All you need is a good wedding planner, and we recommend that you book all the requirements in advance to get the right deal. Themed weddings often need a tad more prepping, and in that context, the location also makes a difference. If the wedding is at one of the popular restaurants, you have to see that the dates are available, which is why starting early is recommended.

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