The Benefits of Installing Solar Power Batteries at Home


Whether you currently own solar panels, or you are considering making the switch, it’s important to know about the other components of a solar energy system.

If you already own solar panels, you know that systems generally use inverters and are still connected to the grid. However, solar panel batteries are an additional component that can be added to both new and existing systems, potentially removing the grid from the equation.

Batteries store solar energy for later use, so you will be able to access this energy whenever you need it, and there are a number of benefits to adding one of these to your system.

Get Power without a Grid Connection

If it were not possible before, solar panel batteries make it much easier to detach from the grid entirely. With the energy stored in the battery, you won’t have to worry about needing grid power at night or during a period of low solar energy. When you need to power appliances or use power at night, you can access the stored energy in the battery.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

By being able to remove yourself from the grid, you can reduce your carbon footprint even further. The stored energy will eliminate the need to access grid power, so with a solar power battery in South Australia, you can grow increasingly independent and maximise the amount of solar energy you use to power your home.

Save Even More on Electricity

While you may be receiving credits from your energy company by over-producing solar energy, you still have to power for grid power. However, if you can use your solar battery to get off of the grid, you can potentially avoid paying for electricity entirely. The battery enables you to keep all of the solar energy to yourself.

In some cases, the grid may play a small role in your energy system. If you are still overproducing with the battery, you may still be eligible for credits from the energy by sending them the excess.

Resilience and Stability

Compared to solar energy, grid power can be unstable for a variety of reasons, and it can suffer from power weather conditions. If you live in an area where the grid power is especially unreliable, solar energy becomes increasingly important

Having the grid take over when the solar energy runs out only works if the grid is reliable. However, with a solar power battery, you aren’t as reliant on the grid, and you can turn to battery power when power from your panels runs out.

Access Existing Subsidies

Currently, there are subsidies available for buying and using solar power batteries. By investing now, you can take advantage of these subsidies that aren’t likely to be around forever.

To qualify for most of the incentives, you will have to get your equipment from a reputable solar energy provider, and you will also have to ensure that a certified professional is the one installing the equipment.