Start Making the Switch to Solar with a 2KW System for Your Home


Australia is often an ideal location for solar energy, and with ample sunshine, more and more homes are making the switch and reaping the benefits. More importantly, switching to solar is becoming more and more affordable, and when you are working with the right people, finding and installing the right solar panels is almost effortless.

Working with solar energy experts means having access to industry-leading equipment, getting expert advice regarding your system, and making sure you have a reliable team of experts to install your solar panels.

Start Making the Switch with a 2KW System

Switching to solar energy is, of course, a financial investment, but the beauty of solar panels is that you can start out small.

If you are not ready to commit fully to solar energy, you can start with a small system to supplement some of your energy. 2KW systems are relatively small and often produce between 20% and 40% of the energy you need at home. However, numbers will depend on your lifestyle and how conservative you are with your electricity in the first place.

For example, if you live in a small household or are gone most of the day, a 2KW solar system could potentially power your entire home. Homeowners that are particularly conservative with their electricity may also get away with a smaller solar energy system, but based on current energy consumption, your solar experts can give you an idea of what a 2KW will do for you.

Once you begin to see the benefits of solar energy, you will easily be able to expand your system and eventually switch over to solar entirely.

Expanding Your System and Getting Solar Batteries

Once you start to expand your system, you can install other equipment, such as a solar battery. Solar batteries store excess solar energy so that you can power your home when your panels aren’t producing enough energy. The storage units are also useful in emergencies, as you will always have that backup if your panels are overproducing.

You could even use a solar battery with a 2KW system if you want to make sure you have a solar energy reserve for the future.

Work with the Experts

Most people don’t really understand how solar energy systems or solar batteries work or what goes into the installation, but working with a team of professionals ensures that you aren’t overwhelmed by the process. They will explain how everything works, but they will handle every aspect of the installation process.

Your solar experts will be there to answer questions and help you understand your options. They will show you the different systems that are available, explain the advantages of each one, and get the equipment from their supplies at no inconvenience to you. They will also make sure that your solar panels are installed in the most effective location, and they will make sure that you have everything you need to be successful with your solar energy system.