Propose Your Love With A Real Forever Rose From Notta & Belle!


Every proposal deserves to be special, and while one cannot undermine the beauty of a solitaire ring, you will also need something more. Notta & Belle – A company based in Europe – brings the concept of a Real Forever Rose. Yes, you read that right. They have named it “ROSE IN A GLASS DOME”, and we absolutely love the idea. This can be the proposal gift that you are looking for. Here’s a quick look at what makes it so special.

What’s the hype all about?

‘Rose In A Glass Dome’ is a concept initiated by Notta & Belle, which basically includes a real rose placed in a case & covered with a glass dome. Each of their products includes a real rose, which has been protected using special processing technology, and before you ask, the rose is not in vacuum. To be more precise, your beloved can open the glass dome and touch the rose. What makes this even more special is how it has been processed, because it retains the beauty and charm for as long as five years! They also have some amazing colors to choose from. If you want to ditch red for the proposal, go for something like white, yellow, turquoise or even black. The company also has a mini version of the same product, which cost a lot lesser, but for something as special as this occasion, we recommend a big, massive real rose.


How to place an order?

Notta & Belle has a website, which offers all sorts of information on shipping, and they ship globally. They only use fresh flowers, which are procured from their suppliers in Ecuador and Spain. If you want to make the proposal special, you can consider the choice to indent 20 characters on the case. The company recently also launched a series of gift boxes, which comes for a charge but makes the process of opening the gift really special. Notta & Belle have express delivery takes 1-2 days to ship in UK, so expect a longer period for international shipping.

Say it with a rose

There is no denying that a real rose is forever, and you can actually ensure that your beloved has it for the next few years. The rose doesn’t need any extra care, but make sure that it’s not watered or placed in direct sunlight.

Check the website of Notta & Belle for more details.