Learning the Chinese language in Singapore


Singapore is an amazing place, it houses many people from different walks of life, different cultures and different countries and converged into one to form one Singapore.

Chinese lessons Singapore


One of the most strong cultural influences in Singapore is Chinese, and that can be seen everywhere aside from Chinatown. This is not just in the festivals, beliefs, people, culture, history, places and food but also with language. If you haven’t noticed that it also has a big slice of the business pie in Singapore and most of these companies in order to get hired then you need to know how to speak Mandarin. Sure it’s a mother tongue for most of the Chinese citizens here but what about the non-Chinese?

If that is the case and many other reasons like competence, fluency and sharpening those mandarin languages at the back of your mind in order to be an affective employee than you need to take Chinese lessons Singapore.

What better place to learn it, it’s one of the national languages here along with other languages so people who are not really fluent or does not really speak Mandarin is in a good place here.

You come here to Singapore to work and your job requires you to learn Mandarin in order to keep it,  you can’t go to China to learn because your work is here and there are a very few people who are fluent in English to get by your day to day life there, your country ( I would assume) does not have that in their curriculum and you need to go far and wide because Mandarin classes are very rare while in Singapore, everyone can understand you, people speak English and at the same time has solid mandarin roots and has a lot of business and professional classes that caters to people like you.

Mandarin classes


One of the institutions that offer this is Language works, they will teach you how to walk the talk and be on par with your other mandarin speaking colleagues. They have one of the best Mandarin classes around for professionals and has helped many professionals with their language proficiency not just in learning but with application as well.