Here is the Etiquette to Follow When Attending a Symphony


Attending a symphony is always an enriching experience. There is something that cannot be articulated about the royalty and gravitas related to the entire dynamic about attending a symphony and having people around who enjoy good music. When you prepare for the symphony, you do all the due diligence on the music, composers and the history associated with the specific performance you will be witnessing. If you want to the tickets to the orchestra, visit us. But, you have to keep in mind that when you attend such big events, you need to follow some etiquette to make the most of this royal event.

  1. Arrival

You as patrons must always arrive 30 minutes prior to the inception of the performance. This will let you and your party have an ample amount of time to utilize the facilities of the hall, find your allotted seat and settle in for the performance. Usually, most halls have their doors opened 60 to 90 minutes prior to the concert.

  1. Silence the electronic devices

Cell phones, watches, beepers, electronic organizers or any kind of digital device that has a notifying sound should be switched off. These devices are prone to potentially disrupt the flow of the concert. Hence, shut off these devices or put them on silent mode.

  1. Attire

Many people are misinformed about this one. It is true that it is decided upon the basis of the place where you will be attending this concert, but here are some general rules you should always follow when dressing for the symphony. You as patrons must usually don semi-formal, elegant and business attire. On many occasions like opening night, formal attire must be donned. Late seating is normally allowed while there is a convenient pause in the program. You need to wait patiently for an usher to guide you somewhere accordingly.

  1. During the performance.

Once the concert has begun, have some respect for the performers and the people around you. Never talk, sing, hum, whisper or move your belongings. Never enter or exit the hall when the performance is ongoing. Ushers are available at the entrances and exits, let them guide you. If you want to leave, do it quickly and quietly while proceeding towards the nearest door or usher.

  1. Applause

If you are unsure, see what the seasoned concert goers do. Usually the applause happens when the concertmaster or the orchestra first chair violinist and the conductor enter the stage. During the performance, only applaud when a full piece of music is being closed.