Why Every Musician should go through the ABRSM Music Theory Exam?


Musicians are adventurers by nature. They cannot shy away from new challenges knowing that it will add to their skill set. The process of preparing and going through the ABRSM music theory exam could seem tedious and unnecessary, but on the contrary, it is certainly worth the effort. If a musician is willing to go through the ranks in a big or a famous orchestra, a certificate is an indisputable addition to his roster. For an instrument player to end up orchestrating a league of extraordinary musicians they’ll have to verify their knowledge of music theory by means of examination and not only in practice. Famous venues and academies in Singapore tend to uphold the standards set by their ancestors and most of these standards are based on the theoretical knowledge of music and not only the practical one. Undoubtedly, when it comes to performing in front of thousands of people, practice is an indisputable asset, nonetheless, famous academies are looking for people who can create and explain music more than anything else.

The importance of Music Theory Lesson

  • The teacher usually tries to place emphasis on the music theory lessons they give their students, but they hardly get any attention. Little they know it is the fundamental of good practice. Without understanding the language, a speaker will never be able to express himself eloquently.
  • Music theory is the key to the best jobs in the business. Even famous rock band members have at least a vague idea about music theory that aids them in a great way towards creating good music.
  • Learning music theory gives the instrument player a deeper understanding of the tunes played himself and those around him. It is fundamental to evolve and improve beyond the traditional role of a band member.
  • Understanding music theory allows a player to teach at an older age. Especially if they’re aspiring to become a piano teacher, where the emphasis can be heavily placed on the importance of sheet music.