Classical ballet – The key to mastering dancing


It is understandable that parents would always want to give their children the best, especially in this competitive society, parents are willing to spend money on their kids in order to churn out all-rounders. In Singapore, it is a norm to see kids or young children attending back to back sports and activities that help with their personal development – drawing, piano, swimming and others. Being introduced since the 15th century, have you considered sending your kids to classical ballet lessons?

Classical ballet opens the door to all sorts of dancing

In case you do not know – Classical ballet is indeed the foundation of all dancing styles. Classical ballet may not be as popular as modern dance, tap dance, hip hop and jazz dance, however it is a fact that by learning classical ballet, your kids could master the other types of dance easily. If you think learning other dances make learning classical ballet easier, it does not happen.

It is encouraged for kids to start learning ballet at young age – 4 to 5 years old is the optimum. This is because this is the time when kids could learn new things easier and it is the best time to start building your kids’ confidence and the interest in doing sports. Being in front of the mirrors might be something new and exciting for them too. Some of the advantages that classical ballets bring to kids include: –

  • Helping kids to listen to others and follow instructions
  • Making children more disciplined
  • Ensuring kids are getting enough exercises to stay active
  • Improving body coordination and balancing of children
  • Making kids more outgoing and comfortable performing in front of others

It is scientifically proven that kids learn and adapt new things easier when they are young. A young ballet dancer does not only learn an art but also get trained for their future life. As kids continue to learn ballet, there are more benefits emerging: –

  • They will have a stronger and more well-built muscles through practicing ballet
  • They learn that practice makes perfect to achieve excellence
  • They will have better communication skills as they learn ballets in team
  • They learn how to have a balanced diet so that they can keep their bodies in shape while dancing and performing
  • They could learn other forms of dancing as they have built a strong foundation in ballet

If you have never considered sending your kids for classical ballet courses, it is time to send them. I am sure they will appreciate you sending them over to learn something meaningful some day!