All about Solar Panels


Solar energy practically works by capturing the energy of the sun and converting it into electricity for your home or business. Sun naturally releases tiny energy packets called photons that travel 93 million miles directly from the sun to the earth in only about 8.5 minutes. Each hour huge number of photons reaches out planet and generates solar energy to satisfy the global need of energy for the planet. Presently, photovoltaic power is responsible for about 5/10th of a percent of the energy that is consumed in the US. With the improving technology, the overall cost of going solar is dropping day by day.  A report of the International Energy Agency states that solar energy has turned out to be the fastest-growing source of power that has exceeded the power generated from all fuel sources. In the years to come, people would get to enjoy more of this power.

How do solar panels work?

The Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are practically made up of many solar cells. These solar cells are made of semiconductors like silicon. You would find in their construction a positive layer followed by a negative layer, together which creates an electric field, similar to that of a battery. Firstly, the sunlight strikes the solar panel fitted on the roof of the house. Then the panel converts this solar energy to direct current that flows to the inverter. It is the inverter that converts the direct current to alternating current that is used as power in every house. The process is pretty simple and affordable. Now, you must be wondering as to what would happen to the extra energy that gets produced and is not utilized. Usually, the system produces more energy than it is required on the peak daylight hours. This excess energy gets stored in the grid and can be used elsewhere. The customer is given credit for producing this extra energy. A net meter here helps in recording the energy sent out compared to the energy received from the grid. To know more about solar panels Texas, you can visit the website of Thompson & Son Solar Energy or any other similar website.

Solar power in Texas

Texas is one of the most difficult states in where you can write a summary about the process of installing solar panels at your home. The reason behind is, the return in investment and the related savings made while buying solar panels varies from city to city within a country. In cities like Brenham, San Antonio, Austin and El Paso the rates of solar panels are better. You get a full one for one net metering and 30% federal tax credit that is delivered at a short payback period of only 8 years or even less against an investment of solar panels at home. In these 8 years, you get to save enough irrespective of whether you have bought the system or not. If you by it you get to enjoy free power for 17 years. So, considering all these aspects you need to take a decision whether it would be wise for you to buy, rent or lease a solar panels Texas.