7 Prominent Benefits of Playing on Slides in the Development of Children


While there are many components of an outdoor play set, children are especially attracted to slides and swings.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

Some parents get scared with the speed their tiny babies come down the slides. However, they may be amazed to know that slides provide their children some prominent health and development benefits.

Types of Slides

There are mainly two types of slides, viz. freestanding slides which are standing on their own and not attached to any play set and composite slides which are a part of a play set.

Height of slides may vary as you can see at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or from other local toy store and their material may be plastic or stainless steel.

Here are some prominent benefits of playing on slides.

1. Balance and Coordination

Precious balance and coordination skills are built within children when they climb up a slide and then correctly position as well as push themselves down the chute.

2. Spatial Awareness

With the same movements and actions, children also develop spatial awareness because they are forced to judge the good time to slide down and time to put their feet down after reaching the bottom of the chute.

They develop the ability to understand how much space their body needs and how to orient it in that space.

It’s important to develop a skill in them to relate objects and people to other objects and people respectively which happens while playing on slides.

They are compelled to think on things like whether I can fit between the bars, how much I’ll have to move my leg to step on to the next rung and so on.

3. Healthy Physical Challenge

It may be fun to climb up the ladder and slide down again and again. However, it’s also a lot of hard work. So, it develops great strength in children’s upper and lower body.

They push themselves up and ascend the rungs of the ladder which needs great strength, lean muscles and healthy cardiovascular system which is developed by the actions.

The best part is that they don’t even know that they are applying a lot of strength or making an effort because all they know is that they are having fun!

4. Development of Social Skill

Slides being the most popular component of a play set are always busy and there is a queue of children waiting to slide down. This naturally develops cooperation, understanding, tolerance and patience.

These qualities make a lasting impact and are helpful in the future during their social interactions when they grow up.

5. Sensory Stimulation

You can buy quality child play sets at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or from your trusted toy shopping store in your area because when your babies slide up and down the slides on their backs or tummies, they are provided with a high amount of sensory stimulation.

While they move up and down, their nerve endings under their skin pass hundreds of messages to their brains about their body which are helpful in developing visual skills, muscle tone, body awareness, balance and coordination.

6. Understanding of Directions

To climb to the top of the slide, children should be able to synchronize their arms and legs, making them aware of the fact that they have two sides and a top and a bottom.

This in turn offers knowledge about directionality, together with awareness about left and right, which is all useful in the future while learning directions, numbers, words and letters.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

7. Strengthening of Hands, Legs, Feet, Fingers and Toes

Children have to hold the rungs of the slide’s ladder while climbing it up which makes their hands and fingers strong and builds fine motor skills.

Also, during the same action of climbing ladder up, muscles in their legs, feet and toes too get stronger with every effort.

So, consider buying an outdoor play set containing a lot of slides and let your little ones enjoy and you enjoy watching them grow.